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OSCEhome eBook Package from ClickBank

OSCEhome eBook Package from ClickBank
Don't you find it difficult to find a way to ORGANIZE the OSCE Exam station to achieve a smooth going cooperative patient interview?... Do you forget WHAT to ask and do during your short OSCE Exam Station because of your nervousness?...  Have you thought of HOW to ask history questions and perform physical examinations correctly meeting clinical and communication guidelines?...  WHEN to ask all the REQUIRED questions, do each part of the physical examination in a time efficient sequence while communicating effectively and fulfilling the OSCE exam checklist at the same time?...   This proven TIME Efficient OSCEhome Systematic Approach may be the solution you are looking for...

Patients visit doctors complaining of a symptom, not a disease. It is all about the differential diagnosis of symptoms and signs. This is the main focus of physicians during patients’ interviews, right?

OSCE stations, as well as real life patients’ interviews, have limited time.  Physicians have no choice but to be focused and to organize the interview in a time efficient manner. On the other hand, physicians have to be vigilant not to miss anything!

Obviously, there is a need for some sort of an approach that will fulfil both patients and physicians goals. An approach that will explore all the patients’ presenting issues in a limited time frame. An approach that will protect both the patients and physicians.

We started by preparing a list of all signs and symptoms a physician faces. We wrote one sign or symptom on a separate sheet of paper. Then for each symptom or sign we wrote all the possible differentials. Then, we draw a table, assigned a column for each differential and...Read More Detail

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