Senin, 06 Januari 2014

Dating for geeks - the essential guide to love for intelligent young men

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I’m an average looking guy, but I’m happy. I am really happy. I’m happy because I finally figured out what girls are attracted to and have become comfortable and confident in the world of dating.

50 years ago, guys got girls by buying them flowers and a box of chocolate on the first date. If you try that now, a girl will just think you are a desperate and weird anachronism. But you will still find guys repeating outdated advice that you should buy women flowers and chocolate on a first date, thinking it will work. It doesn’t.

25 years ago, guys got girls by showing their sweet and sensitive side, talking about their feelings and not being afraid to say “I love you.” If you try that now, women will just assume you are desperately lonely! But you will still find guys out there repeating old outdated advice about being a nice, sweet, sensitive man, thinking it will work. It doesn’t.

My book is about what works now. Prepare yourself to throw away a lot of outdated ideas you had about love and dating and learn the latest dynamics of today's dating scene.

You’ve probably seen a lot of information out there from the pick up artist community about “negging”, NLP, and other psychological techniques to get women in bed. As you know, these only work on drunk girls with an IQ under 80. Have you ever noticed how these guys never seem to keep a girl for more than 2 weeks? Do you think it’s because they want it to be that way? Having sex with random...

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