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High definition time management and productivity - output overdrive - cody wheeler

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In fact, when I recently ran a survey on my website, I came across this exact conclusion. 82% of respondents cited "not enough time" as the number one reason they have been unable to achieve their goals.

You stay up all night. You feel like you work harder than everyone else, but somehow it just never seems to be enough to achieve what you want to achieve. No matter what you try you just can't get over the hump to live the life of your dreams.

Before I started my first business,I was basically on a hamster wheel of life. I was fresh out of college as an undergraduate, and didn't have a whole lot of direction. I knew I wanted to be really successful, but I just didn't know how. I worked and worked and worked, and never seemed to get anywhere, even though I felt like I was working really hard.

From there, I had to figure out something, or else my business was going to fail, and it nearly did. So I started studying the science of productivity, motivation, goal setting, and creating a successful mindset.

Hi - I'm Cody Wheeler, founder of Academy Success, the place where people like you turn to learn life skills they don't learn in school.

From that point in my life when I began to study productivity, I started to figure things out, and my life almost instantly took off.

I'm now certified as a CSM and CSPO by the Scrum Alliance, have an MBA from Indiana University, have written two books, built two six...

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