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My Internet Marketing Coaches - Coby Wright Coaching

My Internet Marketing Coaches - Coby Wright Coaching
This is a monthly membership. You will be charged $27 today and again each month for as long as you stay a member. You can cancel at anytime without any penalties or funny tricks.

What can I say about Coby, apart from the fact that he is one of then nicest, most genuine people I have met in Internet Marketing.

After watching one or two of Coby's videos on his coaching site, I took the bull by the horns, and asked if I could interview him on list builidng....let's face facts here, when it comes to builidng a list, Coby knows what he's doing.....I fully expected him to say no to me in a PM here in Skype, as I was totally broke, and could offer nothing in return.
Imagine my shock when he said yes, and he would do it for something that I could give to help him....well as my old grandfather said.....son, never look a gift horse in the mouth, and we set a date....sadly I am a single dad, and had to cancel.....then Coby himself had an issue, finally we got it together, and the interview was brilliant, Coby came across as he always does, passionate, sincere, happy to help, and gave away so many tips I could not believe it.
After that, the contact has not stopped, as I have been busy working on the sales copy, which Coby looked at and approved for me,  and is still encouraging me to get this project launched.
I am now setting up the JV page, and am busy writing emails for, and I know Coby will always be there to help me, as that is the person he is.

All I can say is that as a coach and a person, Coby is the real deal, and if you want to make money, and build a huge list, then Coby Wright's coaching program is for you. His way of teaching is to explain to you in plain english what you need to do, and why. 
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