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I will reveal you every single EQ tip to make your recordings sound punchy, full, professional! This is a must-have of tutorials that shows every single little tip that we the engineers use.

You don’t need to own expensive “high end” equipment to achieve professional sound. That’s a huge lie. You just need the right tips.

You don’t need to go to a recording school in order to be able ro record and mix music. That’s a well planned lie that the private schools/corporations use for years. Please keep your $4,000 per year.

Recording schools use slow teaching methods. Why? Because... Slow teaching = Many class lessons = More Money

I just finished watching the 6th video. I loved the way you explained how the faders and the EQ “communicate” with each other. Every single video rocks thanks a lot!

Since you ask for my opinion I have to say that I thought it was a joke at first. But then I said to myself “Just download them it’s 29 dollars anyway”. When I watched all the vids I realized that it was the best 29 dollars I’ve ever spent. Great work thanks again for asking for my opinion I really appreciate it.

You sir, made a complete noob like me understand everything about the equalizer. The best part is that I know every advanced technique too. Is this post going to be published to your site? Just wondering :D

I ve watched many tutorials my friend but I prefer yours...

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