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Hamstring treatment - the ultimate resource for managing hamstring rehab

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If you've been struggling with a hamstring injury that just won't heal, then you should read this letter from start to finish.

I worked for years managing the fitness of elite Australian Rules Football Players, dealing with and preventing hamstring injuries.

High performance coaching is in my blood - my sister is an elite netball coach, my brother-in-law has coached track-and-field athletes at the world level, and my daughter is a professional volleyball player.

Maybe you just felt a tweak in your hamstring one day. You tried to push through the pain for a little while but it didn't go away - you finished whatever you were doing, went home, and expected the injury to go away. The next time you try to run or jump or do anything with your hamstring, it's still tight - maybe you're even limping. Weeks pass, you rest a little bit, then try to return to training - but you just can't kick the injury. Every time you use your hamstring, it hurts, or limits you in some way.

If this describes you and you are serious about healing that pulled hamstring, then please take a few minutes to read this letter very carefully.

I remember the first time I had a hamstring injury. I was out sprinting, I didn't warm up enough, and by the end of the session I was limping. Months later, I still couldn't run as fast as I could before the injury, and if I pushed too hard that darn muscle would start hurting again.

I went on to work as a fitness...

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