Senin, 17 Maret 2014

The inner view of your interview

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Are you ready to take complete control of YOUR next job interview? With this new guide you’ll be better prepared than you ever thought possible. Not only will you surprise your interviewer, you might even surprise yourself!

This 102 page eBook uncovers the interviewer’s secret motivations behind all those questions – it’s like seeing your interview from the other side of the desk! Written by Ron Haynes, a Human Resources professional with an MBA, The Inner View of Your Interview is THE definitive resource to help you prepare for your dream job interview.

If you knew each of those questions along with the best and worst answers, would it help you get the job you want and need?

The Inner View of Your Interview not only tells you what questions you might be asked, but gives you uncommon insight into the motivations behind those questions, as well as the best and worst answers.

After reading The Inner View of Your Interview, you’ll already know the TRAPS interviewers set BEFORE you even walk into the building! AND you’ll be uniquely prepared to take charge of the interview without the interviewer even realizing it.

Background and Reference Checks – how you can uncover most of what the interviewer will find in your background (page 90).

Interviewing isn’t a natural process even though we typically enjoy talking about ourselves. What we don’t like is having our performance questioned (even if there were no issues). In the past I’ve been surprised by some of these performance and behavioral questions but your book...

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