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Baseball psychology, baseball mental, baseball instruction

Baseball psychology, baseball mental, baseball instruction
"How to Use Ancient Zen Master Secrets and Modern Day Quantum Physics to Dominate the Diamond, Whether You're a Little Leaguer or an MLB Professional... Almost Overnight - Guaranteed."

Finally, the Renegade Baseball Mental Gurus reveal their secret, easy-to-use baseball psychology techniques to overcome lack of confidence, skill, physical power and practice time on the diamond.

EVERY baseball player knows that what separates the good from the elite is the mental side of the game. Sure, there are the issues of natural talent, starting baseball instruction at a young age with good coaches, disciplined practice, strength and conditioning, and pure determination. These are without a doubt vitally important factors.

But they are rather meaningless if you can’t hang with the big boys on the mental level. The clutch hitter, the relief pitcher, or the go-to player at any position, performs consistently well physically because he doesn’t screw up mentally.

Stephen Ladd and Bill Gladwell here; we're known as the Renegade Mental Coaches because we don’t buy into the mainstream sports psychology BS. Together we have over 37 years of intense personal and professional study into the mind-body connection including four academic degrees, dozens of internships with the most respected authorities in the sports and personal change arenas, and extensive travel throughout southeast Asia in search of more substantial (and perhaps lesser known) answers to the question of which techniques do champion athletes use to gain the mental edge over their opponents....Read More Detail

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