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Martial art games for kids

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If you've ever experienced the constant frustration of trying to keep your youngest students focused during your lessons then this may be the most important message you'll ever read.

Because I am going to show you how to instantly grab the attention of every kid in your class so that you can teach your skills to them more effectively. You'll be able to produce great students of the highest standard without having to deal with unfocused kids disrupting your lessons and consuming your valuable teaching time.

When I was a kid (a long time ago)...  I was a Huge Fan of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and always wanted to do all the cool things they could do but there wasn't a very big focus on kids martial arts classes back then. 

Basically the kids classes were the same as the adults which meant a lot of repetitive drills and heavy sparring sessions which resulted in either Boredom or Pain

Now I've moved through a few different systems over the past 20+ years, from Zen Do Kai, Kali and Silat to Thai Kick Boxing, Freestyle Street Fighting and most recently American Kenpo so I've had exposure to a lot of different Instructors, their personalities, their pros and cons.

I always observed the Instructors of the kids classes at all the different schools that I trained at over the years because as I conitnued learning I found that I also loved teaching others and dreamed of one day running my own school.

After 6 years at Uni I was working in the Architectural field stuck...

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