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Monster arm program - monster arm program for baseball pitchers - eliminate elbow and shoulder pain - guaranteed.

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“My workout has become very sport specific. When I started the program, I felt a bit of a ‘dead arm’ feeling but by today (2 weeks into the program), my shoulder feels 100% better.”

“I have become stronger, more aggressive, and explosive. I gained 2mph after 1 week of your workout alone.”

Margra M, Caine D, Maffulli N. A review of epidemiology of paediatric elbow injuries in sports. 2007. Sports Med. 37(8) 717-735

“30% of the baseball players with Medial Elbow pain undergo ‘Tommy John’ Surgery every year”

Fleisig G, Andrews J.Prevention of elbow injuries in youth baseball pitching. 2012. Sports Health. 4(5) 419-424

Lyman S, Fleisig G, Waterbor J. Longitudinal study of elbow and shoulder pain in youth baseball pitchers. 2001. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 33(11) 1803-1810

It’s no secret that baseball pitchers lack adequate training to perform their job. Just look at the number of professional players who can’t make it through a season of play…not to mention the absurd number of baseball youth who suffer from shoulder & elbow pain & life altering surgery.

“The real magic of discovery lies NOT in seeking new Landscapes but in having New Eyes.”

My new vision and understanding of scientific baseball articles has allowed me to see the throwing motion in a different light. The secret is in muscle contractions. Eccentric and deceleration muscle contractions happen much sooner in the pitching motion than ever thought before. Look below! You can see the data from...

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