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Tours to russia and services we provide - visa, accommodation, guided tours —

Tours to russia and services we provide - visa, accommodation, guided tours —
Russland ist das schönste land der welt ich war in sankt petersburg mir hat es gefallen ich werde wieder da fahren Vladimir Putin kann stolz sein über seine stadt ich schätze Herr Putin sehr Er soll sich nichts rein reden lassen von den amis Mit freindlichen Grüssen Euer Russland Freund

Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful reply, I can now submit my visa application. Your help has been much appreciated and I look forward to recommending your company to any friends who may wish to travel to Russia in the future, an excellent service, thank you! All the best Charlotte Johnson-Walker

We talk a great deal about our time in St Petersburg. The impression the city made upon us will resonate for the rest of our lives. We'll be back one day!

Ostwest company is currently giving 20$ refund if you share your unforgettable memories and experience with us!

We offer the BEST prices available on the web! "Moscow-Ekaterinburg-Irkutsk-Ulan Bator" journey starting at just 515 EUR!

Nowadays, it's a microcosm of the wider city, a cultural ‘city within the city’ that sponsors a vast range of programs. The complex includes galleries, beach volleyball court, cafes, shops, free WiFi. Here, visitors will find: Wolkonsky Café; the Open Library; a shop offering farmers’ produce and an organic community garden from LavkaLavka; an open-air concert space; the Leningradets Table Tennis Club; an art gallery; the Summer bike and parkour ramp; and much more. This year New Holland will open it's summer season on May, 18th. And it will be the last summer in Holland until... Read More Detail

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