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Wwoof latin america - volunteering on organic farms

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WWOOF LATIN AMERICA Is a free Social Network for those interested in WWOOFing and volunteering in Latin America. Here you can link to the websites of the countries with WWOOF organizations in Latin America, and communicate with fellow WWOOFers. To WWOOF in Latin America, you need to join the WWOOF organization of each country you plan to visit, or join "WWOOF Independents" for the countries without their own WWOOF organization. Each country's WWOOF organization will either send you a list of farms or give you access to the list on-line so you can then contact the organic farms. Joining WWOOF Latin America is free and it does not give you access to the farm lists of member countries, only to the Previews of their lists. To get the farm lists you will need to join each country's WWOOF organization. WWOOF Latin America is the website that links to all the national WWOOF organizations in Latin America and lets you communicate with fellow WWOOFers. Welcome to WWOOF Latin America! Farms listed in WWOOF organizations are part of a world-wide effort to promote the concept of organic farming, sustainable agriculture and responsible consumer habits. As part of this effort, host farms offer WWOOF members the opportunity to learn by doing. Listed farms will host WWOOF members free of charge. As a guest in a WWOOF farm your learning experience is based on you participating in the daily chores of running the farm. In doing so, you can learn a variety of techniques employed by member farms including organic farming, Permaculture and Biodynamics. In addition to learning about organic farming, you can also learn about the local ecology and culture while getting to meet fun and interesting people. Your daily chores at WWOOF farms may include harvesting, preparing soil for planting...

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