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Paul Wolfe's - Maximum Strength Copywriting

Paul Wolfe's - Maximum Strength Copywriting
Paul Wolfe's - Maximum Strength Copywriting - I wrote Volvo. for life. I wrote Club Med. Life as it Should Be. I wrote Chase. Maximum Strength Checking. I wrote UBS. Available in only two locations: everywhere and right next to you.

I've been named Adweek Magazine Writer of the Year twice. Campaigns I have created don’t just appear in advertising award books. They appear in advertising textbooks. I've had fiction published in magazines. And I still write compelling headlines and copy every day, for clients like Westin Hotels and Land Rover.

"I don't say this to impress you. I say this to impress upon you that I have just put it all into this amazing book: all the secrets I have learned, all the persuasion skills I have mastered, everything I know about potent branding, positioning and writing -- all poured into MAXIMUM STRENGTH COPYWRITING.".

It’s amazing, then, that the business universe is awash in communications that don’t communicate, instruments of persuasion that don’t persuade, and reams of language that collectively add up to a vast mountain of verbal waste suitable for some galactic shredder.

If your words don’t leap from the page and ensnare the reader…If your marketing piece, your brochure, your ad or your website are dead, clichéd, unclear, fuzzy in their positioning, or unpersuasive in their argument…You’re dead in the water.

Despite the world of visual over-stimulation and visual overload we all currently inhabit, we’re still in the words business. What’s your secret weapon? Maximum Strength Copywriting!

This entertaining, extremely readable (I wrote it, after all), breakthrough book...Read More Detail

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