Minggu, 13 April 2014

Military grade jiu jitsu - best self defense moves and techniques for the street - realistic, simple, yet deadly self defense fight moves

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*WARNING* These techniques have been banned in every ring! Use only in real “Street” situations!

Discover techniques that work where there are no rules and your attackers never play fair – on the real streets…

Muggers and criminals often attack in groups of 2 or 3. Are you prepared to fight off more than one attacker? We show you how…

Too many variables occur on the street that don’t exist in the ring. Eg. Weapons, ambushes, your surroundings, the time of day etc. Learn how to act quickly and effectively in every situation.

Our App “Self Defense Trainer” is the #1 app Self Defense app in 35 countries! Your own personal self defense video lessons wherever you are! FEATURES: * Quick and simple instructional videos * Detailed explanations and demos * Developed by Military Grade Jiu Jitsu Expert * High quality video and audio Average Review Rating: 4.6/5.0 […]

Pro Code Media introduces the new MMA Ab Workout App. The world’s first app that strengthens every abdominal muscle while teaching and training mixed martial arts ground fighting techniques. Developed by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert Prof. Robert LeRuyet, this program is used to train world-class fighters, but the exercises can be performed at any fitness […]

Not all Brazilian jiu-jitsu is created equal.  Remember, there is BJJ for the mats, there is BJJ for the cage, and then there is BJJ for the street, and they are quite different things.   Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for the mats is essentially “sport BJJ”. Sport jiu-jitsu training consists almost entirely of ground grappling using the Gi […]

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