Senin, 14 April 2014

Motorsports career guide

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Discover The Satisfaction that Comes With Going to Work Everyday Doing Something You Love. Secure Your Future With Tips From A Real Industry Insider. Dear Friend, I’m about to reveal to you a great deal of first hand knowledge on how to break into one of the most exclusive and rewarding industries from motorsport veterans that share your passion for speed, competition, precision and winning! Don’t waste your time following leads based on bad advice you’ve received from people that don’t know the inner workings of the motorsports industry. Save yourself years of hard work by learning what the hiring managers will be looking for and focus your time and effort on things that really matter to your career. Besides the general information offered on the motorsports industry and how to get started, this guide will reveal little known industry secrets that will help put you in the fast track to the exciting career you’ve been dreaming of. Before I get into the nuts and bolts of this career guide - there's a few myths about the motorsports industry that I figure I'd better clear up: Myth #1 – Motorsports is just a rich person’s hobby, and you can’t actually make a career out of it, right? Wrong! Motorsports does draw its fair share of celebrities and high rollers, but behind this glitz and glamour is an unbelievably diverse industry chalked full of exciting career opportunities. These opportunities travel well beyond the obvious technical and engineering careers into sports marketing, logistics, hospitality, and sales.

Myth #2 – The economy is down, so that means there are no jobs in motorsports: This is definitely not the case! First off, you should remember that the budget of nearly every professional race team...

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