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Get Your Writing Fighting Fit - Self-Editing Secrets Revealed

Get Your Writing Fighting Fit -- Self-Editing Secrets Revealed
If you could edit your own writing, save heaps of money, and still get your material the attention it deserves, wouldn't you?

Get Your Writing Fighting Fit reveals the inside information professional editors know about how to approach the editing task. Written for today's writer, it provides both timeless information about how readers approach hard copy text and up-to-date information about how reading from a screen is different.

Keep in mind that "editing" is not "writing". "Editing" is what enhances our "writing". Before editing can do you a blimey bit of good, you need to start with solid writing. Your idea needs to be there, composed in reasonable sentences and paragraphs.

Then put your own writing through Audrey's great seven step editing process and Bingo! You've got a great piece of prose."

Dear Writer, I know how it feels to worry about your writing and not know where to find help. I write myself, and as an editor, I work with writers like you all the time. I decided to extend the help I give writers by writing out the solutions to the most common problems writers have and making them available to you. Now my ebook helps writers to help themselves with those very real concerns about whether a text is good enough.

"I have finally made it through GYWFF. I love it! You know how much I want to become a good writer and this book certainly helps. Why? Because it's about editing, not writing. While reading it I realized that it's okay to make mistakes while writing, because you can always go back and fix...Read More Detail

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