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Work-from-home freelance writing job: how to make up to $250+/day writing simple articles

Work-from-home freelance writing job: how to make up to $250+/day writing simple articles
I'm not guessing, I'm giving you actual facts - and others have had the same results. I've been a freelance writer since 1993 (read more on my background below) - and I've never made such easy money as this type of writing. Hold on to your seat because if you've always wanted to work as a freelance writer, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. The more you read, the more excited you'll be to start.

Pretend that you wanted to have an old oil painting restored. To find an art restorer, you would probably go to the internet and type in phrases like "art restorer", "art restoration", and/or "restoration of art". These are keyword phrases.

If you were the owner of this type of business, you would write or hire an SEO article writer to write articles with these keyword phrases. SEO articles tend to be short -- 300-500 words. They can be longer (they are rarely shorter than this), but this is the average length.

In order to get keyword density* of between 3-5% (the standard industry preference), you would repeat a specific keyword phrase 5-10 times in a 350-500 word article. This will start to get a site ranking well (ie, high in search results) for those particular phrases.

Hence, when surfers type in a specific keyword phrase, your site will be one of the first ones to pop up.

Remember, surfers use keyword phrases to find products and services online. Hence, website owners want articles on their site with keyword phrases particular to their industry. If a website owner has a site full of...Read More Detail

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